A new study released by the University of Toulouse in France found that over half of weight loss supplements are spiked with pharmaceuticals.

Using pharmaceutical ingredients in natural products is banned in Europe. In some cases, the ingredients "spiking" the supplements had been banned not only from natural products, but also from pharmaceutical products, as well. The majority of the spiked samples were purchased online, and levels of the pharmaceutical substances varied with each capsule.

The final results? "Among the 164 samples analysed, only 44% were either truly natural or with a composition conform to the label."

Several expressed concern over this phenomena, including Dr. Luca Bucchini, managing director of Italian firm Hylobates Consulting, who stated, "These problems continue to come up for two reasons. First, a minority of manufacturers and brands look for efficacy, without too many questions asked; ingredient suppliers are keen to find a solution which works, meaning often adulteration or substitution with a pharmaceutical principle. Second, a minority of ingredient suppliers and manufacturers do not have quality control programs in place, and contamination - at low levels - creeps in along the contamination."

Unfortunately, the trend of deceitful supplement labelling does not seem to be going away. Just last year in the US, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that his office sent letters to four major retailers for allegedly selling store brand herbal supplement products in New York that either could not be verified to contain the labeled substance, or which were found to contain ingredients not listed on the labels. In that case, DNA testing allegedly showed that just 21% of the test results from store brand herbal supplements verified DNA from the plants listed on the products’ labels — with 79% coming up empty for DNA related to the labeled content or verifying contamination with other plant material. 

When a company tries to enter the market with cheap raw material that is ineffective, the only possible way for results to be noticeable is by spiking the product with potent prescription drugs or completely different substances, risking a host of side effects--all sold under the illusion of being legitimate and natural. This is total deception from the first thought process to the finished product. We feel sorry for the deceived end users. They spend good money to become healthier and they are being poisoned with illegitimate health products. The public must protest these illegal actions and refuse to deal with unscrupulous companies; it is time to raise the bar concerning nutraceutical (product) quality standards so that these spiking issues are stopped, and the consumer can buy from their local health food store with confidence. 

With Life Choice, we don't play these games: what you see on the label is what you get in the bottle. All our raw materials are purchased based on the purest possible USP pharmaceutical grade, and they offer true therapeutic results.


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