Chad Cornell

Chad Cornell, Master Herbalist, is a co-founder of the Our Common Roots Program and the writer and presenter in the feature film. Chad is actively involved in educating audiences ranging from medical students, school teachers, private classes, wilderness retreat groups, and apprentices. His focus of interest ranges from herbalism and natural healing methods to meditation, guided visualization, and a variety of arts and forms of creative expression. Chad and his wife Nancy Hall III own Hollowreed Holistic in Winnipeg.


Chad  has been passionately studying and practicing natural healing methods for the past 20 years.  He is well steeped in the traditions of both Eastern and Western Herbalism as well as other long standing methods of natural healing.  Chad is currently practicing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where he has operated the Hollow Reed Holistic Healing Centre for the past 11 years.  


Chad is actively involved in educating audiences ranging from children to university medical students, school teachers to nature retreat groups. He has an ongoing apprenticeship program, community level classes, and has co-created the film Our Common Roots and the Herbal Wisdom Series online learning program.  Chad holds a great respect for the variety of teachings he has received from herbalists, medicine people, and healers from all over the Americas™ and Turtle Island.  He is currently a co-facilitator of the Summer Ethnobotany Program at the University of Winnipeg, Indigenous Studies Department; designed to deepen students knowledge of botanical healing and traditional ways. 



Chad is committed to supporting food / medicine security through the sharing of knowledge and is dedicated to a vision of a healthy, well informed, and well aligned next generation.  Such a vision requires that all nations and medical models work as one toward the common goal of a true state of health.  Chad is an advocate of good-relations, caring for the land and stewardship.  He suggests that we ask not only what plants can do for humankind but what we can do for the plant world also.  






Over the past 15 years, Chad Cornell ~ author and presenter of our film, has been guiding himself and others towards a greater experience of health and well being.  While primarily working with modern understandings of health and physiology, Chad also draws deeply from his training in traditions such as Ayurveda (India), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and both Eclectic Herbalism and Indigenous herbal healing lineages of the Americas. 


Chad graduated from The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing as a Master Herbalist in 2003. He works along side his clients to restore them to their natural state of heath and happiness using diet, herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, lifestyle adjustments, and additional therapies such as meditation when required. His assessment techniques involve an in-person thorough lifestyle questionnaire, reviewing any relevant medical information, tongue and pulse assessment, as well as voice, skin, nail, and eye assessment. 


Common ailments people come to Chad for include; digestive problems, stress / anxiety management, depression, insomnia, mental health, infertility, exhaustion / adrenal issues, high blood pressure, weigh loss, cleansing, glandular rejuvenation, dosha balancing, personal growth & development, mysterious health challenges not being addressed by the medical system, and many others. Chad considers himself an experienced guide, educator, and friend on the healing path. He is dedicated to assisting his clients to gain practical results, safely and affordably.


Chad is hired annually by the University of Winnipeg / Indigenous Studies Department to teach herbal plant medicines to students alongside traditional elders. He has also taught natural healing principles to medical students at the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Campus for 5 years.


He is available for consultations in person or online. Sessions run and average of 1.5 hours. If you are wondering if Chad may be able to help you personally, it is possible to book a free initial 5 minute conversation regarding your goals and challenges. Full consultations run approximately 75 minutes depending on the issue and are $95.


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Man hovers brain before him



Marjolaine Forest in conversation with Herbalist, Holistic Therapist and Teacher Chad Cornell. Chad discusses what works for him as a therapist in dealing with people who use psycho-active plants. How do we navigate this part of the illness in the best way possible?  What are the holistic perspectives and approaches that can come into play in our daily lives.


Part 1 – Spiritual Healing Crisis or Mental Illness

Part 2 – Spiritual Healing Crisis or Mental Illness

Part 3 – Spiritual Healing Crisis or Mental Illness


A Herbalist on Every Corner

LAMA LODRO, INDIVIDUALS AND COMMUNITIES CAN MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES – Chad Cornell with Lama Lodro discussing ecology, sustainable communities, erosion, pollution, the impact of different religious views and economic factors on the environment, the power of individuals and communities to make positive changes, and hope for the future.

CHAD CORNELL IN CONVERSATION WITH ROBERT DALE ROGERS – 70% of pharmaceutical drugs are inspired from the wild, though the chemical complexity of fungi are nowhere near replicable in the lab. Sitting down with herbalist turned mycologist, Robert Rogers, we get the chance to talk about this and his latest book, The Fungal Pharmacy.

Chad Cornell in conversation with Maya Tiwari, renowned spiritual teacher – Ayurveda pioneer, Vedic scholar, international author, and former top American fashion designer – has touched and healed the lives of thousands of people around the world. EXCERPT, the full interview is available in our ONLINE HERBAL WISDOM SERIES



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