Join professional herbalists Chad Cornell M.H. and Robert Rogers RH (AHG) in an online study program designed to deepen your practical knowledge of medicinal plants, wild foods, and the philosophy behind their use. You will learn about the benefits of herbs and their history. You may even find that cultivating and growing herbs is your calling.



An excerpt from the 45+ plant profiles videos in the program)

Our mission is to offer a journey into the art and science of herbal medicine and natural healing. We offer quality video footage, audio courses, and collections of texts and media from some of North Americas most passionate, educated, and experienced herbalists and healers.




  • Module One: Foundations in Herbalism
  • Module Two: Energetics & Elementals
  • Module Three: Practical Knowledge
  • Module Four: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
  • Future Modules Include: Saving our Herbs – plant conservation, Growing and cultivating your own medicinal herbs, The Industrial Angle and the Business of Herbs, A full module on Trees, Medicinal Mushrooms, Entheogens: Modern and Traditional Uses of Psychoactive Plants and Navigating Their Modern Resurgence, and more!



We will explore the history of healing, the role of Herbalism presently as well as its great future importance. One key question to start with is what is medicine?  Is it a chemical that removes a symptom, a food that nourishes, or a state of right relationship?  We focus on beginning the study of how the body works through the lens of Holistic Anatomy and a unique introduction to the language of the herbalist via Robert Rogers Key Actions and Properties. We also explore some essentials in natural healing such as; seeing the body as an ecosystem, the role of Vital Energy or Qi and the true potential of sound health.  There is a detailed look at the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, as well as how we’re literally made up of a balance of them all. You will find professionally made videos and audio classes and, of course, a full screening of our documentary film Our Common Roots – Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing with Plants is included.



  • Over 75 spirited Videos with Robert Rogers, Chad Cornell
  • Followup to the videos – detailed  Reference Text by Robert Rogers.
  • Complete Herbal Medicine Series audio Course by Chad Cornell (7 hours)
  • Our Common Roots the full Movie Screening
  • Herbal Field Guide. Downloadable PDF
  • Historical & Present Trends in Herbal Medicine & Basic Botany and Basic Physiology
  • Ayurveda Basics, Elemental Perspectives & Holistic Cosmology
  • Fundamentals In Physiology
  • Herbal Actions and Properties: From Adaptogen to Vulnerary. An in depth illustrated look at herbal actions and properties, by Robert Dale Rogers.
  • Herbal preparations videos
  • Masters & Elders – Continuing Education with interviews and presentations from herbal elders and teachers
  • Textbook Study (with Guideline and Questions)



The first four modules of the Next Generation Herbalist Program provides the basic foundation about herbalism and holistic living. This program works stand alone AND as a pre-requisite to Chad Cornell’s Integrative Herbalist Apprenticeship Program. You can start the Next Gen. on-line program immediately and upon completion of the first 4 modules and the questions, you can then continue with the 2 year Integrative Herbalist Apprenticeship Program starting with an application and a one on one with Chad to determine the best starting point and course of action (an extra fee applies for the Apprenticeship integration). The Integrative Herbalist Apprenticeship Program has limited space, so priority is given to those who have started with the Next Gen. program.





$250 for full access.   If you feel this is not the Herbal Program for you, we will refund within 48 hours of joining! Questions? Please contact