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The intention of Our Common Roots is to provide access to film, audio, and written material that inspires and unites us on our common quest for a healthier world.

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LOCAL FOCUS: GREAT FOOD, A GOOD LIVING & PAYING ORGANIC FARMERS FAIRLY. Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company believes that good bread is made when we work with our Mother Earth in a spirit of gratitude and with loving responsiveness to her needs and ours. Visit Feature Page ….

LOCAL FOCUS: SHARIE VERSLUIS AND OUR URBAN BIRD POPULATION. Sharie Versluis owns Prefered Perch, source for quality Wild Bird products. She has a passion for the safety and well being of our wild birds.

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CARRYING COMMUNITY HERBALISM INTO THE FUTURE – Susan Leopold, PhD, Executive Director of United Plant Savers discusses and importance of our native medicinal plants and what Untied Plants Savers is doing to encourage conservation. More about United Plant Savers

THE LOVE AND SPIRIT OF PLANTS. Mark Disharoon, Operations and Teacher at Herb Pharm about the love and how plants speak to us.

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SPIRITUAL HEALING CRISIS OR MENTAL ILLNESS. A 3 PART Series. Guest Chad Cornell with Marjolaine Forest explore the increasing challenges and opportunities facing some of the brightest in our community. In an age of excess information, over-medication. and planetary transformation it’s time we start talking more openly about holistic perspectives on imbalances of the body, mind, and soul.

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A COMMON LINK. A series of interviews with natural health practitioner Terry Bell by Marjolaine Forest. Terry uses several methods of analysis which includes his fine ability of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body. Comparing this analysis to pictures of the tongue teeth and eyes of thousands of clients it helped Terry determine the priority of the bodies healing needs on a structural, chemical, emotional or other energy.