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The intention of Our Common Roots (OCR) is to provide access to film, audio, and written material that inspires and unites us on our common quest for a healthier world. The "web" in our view is a powerful tool of nature that is evolving along with our own need for an evolutionary leap as a species. The well being of the entire web of life depends on our ability, as one human family, to better understand how to respond as a whole.

Pressing topics of our time range from integrative and mind body medicine, to the emergence of a practical reintegration and respect for the feminine, ancient and contemporary healing arts, food security, and authentic spiritual practices that help us to transcend previous limitations and obstacles. There are teachers, healers, scientists, mothers, fathers, artists, gardeners, and other inspired individuals, in our time and from others, that have a great deal to share. Our goal is to help in that process and to contribute to it through an active website and global community forum.

It is unlikely that the solutions that will change our world will come from anything but a grounded, passionate and positive grassroots movement. It is our hope that together we can all contribute to a "tipping point" of evolutionary consciousness. A tipping point that not only helps us to practically adapt to the radical changes we now face, but delivers us to a greater level of transformation, health, and vitality.

Together we can create the future we want to see, building on our common roots, intent on using the challenges of these times as compost for our blooming. If this is a vision you share and believe in, we welcome you to become a member of this site and we're grateful for your support.



Meet Us

Glenn Axford, Documentary Producer/Director/Cinematographer, Photographer, Audio Engineer.  Glenn Axford filmed many short films and productions since 2006 on the broad topic of the natural health industry and health freedom after which he was determined to tell the story of a herbalist. The vision was always to do something cinematic with the healing aspect of sound and music.



Marjolaine Forest-Axford, Documentary Co-Producer, Writer, Production Designer. Marjolaine works with many people within the different levels of the natural health industry and co-produced films on the challenges of the industry. Her vision for the Our Common Roots film is to guide people into the forest so they could find comfort and fall in love with the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. To understand our traditional origins will help us understand what is at stake.



Chad Cornell, Master Herbalist, Advisor, Writer and Presenter. Chad Cornell's gentle nature brings out the wisdom of his words to a beautiful understanding of healing. Chad's goal is to provide healing andeducation that awaken, inspire, and empower. His mission as an Herbalist is to renew our inherent connection to the natural world that surrounds us, and the healing power within us all.


Robert Rogers, Mycology Advisor, Article Contributor




Our goal is to provide modules that can be listened to or watched, that cover essential areas of learning for the budding herbalist. They will consist of prominent and well-experienced herbalists, healers, doctors, industry leaders, environmentalists, scientists and evolutionaries. We will cover the fundamental topics of our time in relation to our individual and planetary well being.



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